Ora - an ecological adventure game saving the forests of New Zealand


"Are you ready to play? My name is Liana, and I need heroes like you!"

Ora is a scientific experiment using crowdsourcing – but it’s not for geeks in lab coats and you don’t need to read any books on the subject. Just immerse yourself in the game world and play.

Ora is a totally different way of making research results available for others to learn from – and what’s more, the scientists will learn from you, too. The game is based on loads of real-life data and models of forest-pest-management interactions, putting current knowledge at your fingertips in a fun-filled ecosystem adventure. Then your actions tackling the complex problems of pest control will feed back into research on control strategies, with the potential to influence management decisions!

Welcome to Ora – play the game and help us save New Zealand’s beautiful but fragile native forest from the jaws of hungry invaders!

Your mission: to repel an army of mammalian pests led by marauding possums, and save the native plants and animals and restore the forest to its former glory.

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